Extradition case 1
June 3, 2017
Testimonial 5
June 8, 2017

I am a citizen of China, I bought real estate in Portugal for more than 500 000 euros and got a residence permit. Since I and my family, we lived in Europe and had no more contacts with China, we did not know that a criminal case was brought against me for economic crimes.

Traveling to Germany, I was detained by the employees of German Interpol at the request of the Chinese government. Being in Germany, the country I did not speak a language,it was difficult to find a Chinese interpreter, it was impossible to resolve issues of any kind. My son found Detective-001 and we signed a contract.The company, through its Chinese translator in the shortest possible time, helped me improve the conditions of detention in prison – transferred money to a prison account,solved the issue with phone calls, received permits for meetings with relatives and friends, wrote out  a Chinese newspaper  for me and so on.

Leaning on their services was, of course, the best idea!