Being arrested in another country is not only shocking, it is devastating. How to react, who to call, what to do are the questions that detainees and their family members will ask themselves. Our team can offer you full support in these kind of situations which include consultation with our lawyers, urgent visiting of the accused person in the place of detention ,support during the incarceration, immediate examination of the case in order to identify circumstances and build the best line of defence and prepare for the hearings, development of the position to defend the rights and legitimate interests of the accused of the extradition proceedings, collecting evidence and documents in building the case, direct participation in hearings appeal against the unlawful and unjustified decision of the court, other activities aimed at the effective defence of the rights and legitimate interests of the accused. Our team of professionals has earned solid reputation during years of hard work and created strong portfolio of customers whom we helped get through this hard times of life with minimal losses. Being arrested abroad is not the same as being arrested in your country where you have your family, friends, colleagues and contact on who you can rely. Being arrested abroad while you are on vacation or just passing through a country is more stressful, draining experience. It is hard to stay calm and concentrate on the right things to do. That’s why we offer full spectrum of services to help you protect your rights while you are incarcerated and offer full support to you and your loved ones. We have years of the experience in the field and you can fully rely on our competitive team of professionals which proved in deeds and not only in words their qualification even for most complicated and challenging cases. We work on all kind of cases, from the easiest to the most complicated ones and have proved through our hard work that there is always a way to make situation of the accused better.


The criminal justice system in many countries may be different from that in country you come from, and you may be at a disadvantage because of unfamiliarity with the local judicial system, culture, and language. Prison conditions in other countries could also be more severe. As detained or imprisoned in a foreign country, you may be subject to living conditions that may be harsh and depressing. The family and friends of imprisoned in a foreign country often carry a considerable financial and emotional burden over an extended period. The emotional stress and practical problems arising from arrest and imprisonment in a foreign country can be daunting. If you break the laws of another country, you are subject to the judicial system of that country. Being a foreigner or not knowing the local laws is not an excuse. If you are detained or arrested in a foreign country and you choose to talk to one of our specialists, any information you give them will remain confidential. It will not be passed on to anyone other than the consular officials concerned with your case without your permission. You have the right, for example, to determine who will be notified of your situation and who may act as your legal representative. Your family and friends will not have access to your information without your consent. In many countries, mail sent or received by detainees/prisoners will be opened and read by prison authorities. Telephone conversations may also be monitored. Take care not to discuss or put in writing anything you would not wish to become public. Your choice of legal representation in the country of your detention or arrest can be critically important and should be made with care. It is very important to hire professional team that has experience in given field and we are proud to be one of those teams. Your success is our priority and we will do everything in our power to provide the best quality of service to you and your family, offer needed support, understanding and collaboration. We are known to have attention to littlest details and in these situations all the details count and we will make sure to study your case from all the angles from with-in and build the best line of defence for it. Contacting us may be the best decision of your life if it can save you huge amount of time and resources and get the best certified qualified level of service. You may be scared and paralyzed be negative emotions and conditions you are being detained in, but don’t let this circumstances get to you, put up a good fight against authorities that may have accused you wrong which unfortunately happens very often or want you for other motives then the crime itself (political or other views) and use the accusation of crime to detain you. Situations like these are unfortunately very common but we know the best ways to fight them and know how to turn mistakes in authority’s proceedings into our client’s advantage. Very often arrests or searches are done by law representatives without thoroughly following the law. We have encountered situations where person’s assets were illegally frozen, members of their families were threatened and others situations where law enforcement agencies clearly were crossing the line. We know what to look for, how to determine if the actions were unlawful and how to fight against it in court.


Below you will find the list of services we provide in case you were arrested in a foreign country. Don’t hesitate to contact us and take consultation with one of our attorneys.

  1. request immediate and regular access to you ,urgent visiting of the accused person in the place of detention (by the lawyer, attorney, psychologue if needed, etc) make every effort to ensure you receive adequate nutrition and medical and dental care, arrange for the purchase (at your expense and if permitted) of food supplements, essential clothing, and other basic items. Support and protection before, during and after incarceration for you and your family members. You need support-call us immediately. We will go out of our way for you to provide you with everything you need to go through this difficult period in your life with minimal losses.
  2. Obtain information about the status of your case and encourage authorities to process the case without undue delay. Immediate examination of the case in order to identify circumstances and build the best line of defence and prepare for the hearings; we have private investigators that could collect the evidence and find discrepancies in your case that might be turned to your advantage.
  3. development of the position to defend the rights and legitimate interests of the accused of the extradition proceedings; Extradition is a big subject in international law and our team has huge experience in fighting extradition, how to prove that it’s illegal, especially if you wanted by your country for other reason than the crime itself, it could be political views, difference in race, sex, religion, etc. Sometimes the condition of detained person in requesting country could be degrading or person could be in danger of being tortured. All these are reasonable points to refuse extradition. And our specialist knows where to look and how to find them.
  4. Collecting evidence and documents in building the case;
  5. Direct participation in hearings; we can be there for you during your imprisonment and of course we want to offer you full support during hearings.
  6. Appeal against the unlawful and unjustified decision of the court; sometimes the decision of the local court may be doubtful or altered, we know what to do in cases like this and will gladly appeal for you in higher national or even international courts.
  7. Seek to ensure you receive equitable treatment under the laws and in keeping with the standards of the host country, upon your arrest or detention;
  8. Provide your family with information on the local judicial and prison systems, approximate times    for court action, typical sentences for the alleged offence, and bail provisions; deliver letters and      provide permitted reading material if normal postal services are not available; convey messages to  you if telephone or postal services are not available or practical; contact relatives or friends on          your  behalf and ask them to send you funds if required; and facilitate the transfer of funds to you if other means are unreliable or unavailable.
  9. Other activities aimed at the effective defence of the rights and legitimate interests of the accused. If you need any other services that have not been listed here don’t hesitate to ask us and we will gladly do our best and try to help you.


As you can see we provide full spectrum of services and can be really useful for you and your family during this challenging times when you or a member of your family was incarcerated and you think the incarceration was unlawful and you want to fight it. We can look into all the details, find discrepancies on the prosecution’s side of the story and help you protect yourselves in the best possible manner. We have huge international experience. Our specialists that include lawyers, attorneys, mediators, private investigators have built our solid, undeniable reputation as leaders of the industry. We have worked cases in multiple European and post USSR countries; know their history, traditions, culture, judicial systems and differences between them and how to turn those differences into our advantage on the court field. Very often different countries have different punishments for the same crime, the conditions of detained in jails also vary a lot from country to country. Some countries are known to torture inmates or use other practices that completely violate basic human rights. We are always monitoring international organizations like human rights watch and others for the reports that come from different countries to make sure we are always updated with last most fresh news and know how to fight unlawful actions of authority structures in those countries through the court when it comes to the well being of our clients. Your success is our number one priority. By contacting us and giving us your case you are doing the best decision because you trust professionals with undeniable reputation. Don’t delay contacting us to find out what exactly we can do for you. Please contact us Here and we will gladly help.