What our clients tell

This is the most professional and amazing team of people that I met when I was arrested in France and needed immediate help from someone because my family was back in my country and at the moment I had absolutely nobody to support me. Someone recommended me this firm and I called them right away and received the most amazing help, better then I could even expect. They guided me through the process, visited me in jail, helped with correspondence with my family and collected evidence to prove my innocence. I am really thankful for the provided services. They are the best!

Denis S

My friend and partner and me were arrested by Interpol in Spain by the request of the Russian government. My relatives contacted Detective-001, whose lawyers and specialists, after studying our cases in the shortest time, provided professional assistance to us, offering a very reasonable and legally correct strategic framework. My friend spent more than a year in a Spanish prison and was. Soon he received refugee status and stayed in Spain. I spent a little more than two years in a Spanish prison (Soto del Real, Madrid), after which I was extradited to Russia, but on the best terms that the lawyers have achieved, namely, part of charges were dropped, and in other articles the terms were in accordance with Spanish law. For example, if in Russia the article XX threatened 5-10 years in Russia, and in Spain for a similar article is1-3 years, I could not be convicted in Russia for more than 3 years. In Russia, I was sentenced to a term, only for a part of the articles and taking into account the Spanish law, that is, I would be condemned for 10-12 years, I received in fact 4.5 years. Plus, given the time spent in a Spanish prison, I was released shortly after. I really recommend Detective - 001, they are the best at what they do!

Marc K.

My son went to study in England, and in a few months he began to ask for more money than I usually sent him before. I suspected something was wrong and hired Detective-001 to find out what was happening and why my son needed additional funds. I received a report about everything that was happening to my son. It turns out he began to surround himself with not very good people and was spending money on light drugs and parting. Having the evidence, I had a very tough conversation with my son and I managed to protect him from trouble. Many thanks for the qualified help and confidentiality!

Siu M.

My father was arrested by Interpol in Spain at the Barcelona airport by request of the Chinese authorities, where he was threatened with 8 years in prison for financial crimes. My father and I knew that we should do everything in our power to fight extradition and stay in Spain for as long as possible. Trustees helped to find experts  Detective-001. They immediately sent lawyers to prison to meet with my father. Whoever was in Spain knows how much bureaucracy there is in this country. For example, an interpreter can not visit a prisoner with a lawyer unless there is a special permit for the interpreter. Transfer to a prison bank account can be a maximum of 90 euros a week,. The right to a phone conversation can only be provided by a document subordination of a family relationship with the owner of the phone number to whom they are going to call. The lawyers were able to build a successful defence plan. But my father made a mistake. Spanish lawyers contacted our Chinese lawyers, whom my relatives in China hired. In Spain we were offered, since the father has already got to prison, will calm down and fight against extradition or minimize the punishment in the event that the extradition can not be avoided. Moreover, the conditions in the prison are good comparing to Chinese. But Chinese lawyers have promised the opportunity that after arriving in China, the father will be released fairly quickly. Under the emotions and hoping for lawyers in China, we agreed that the father would sign all documents for voluntary extradition to China and abandoned the plan proposed by Detective-001. Since his father's consent to return to China, after six months from the moment of his arrest, he was transferred to the airport by a Chinese policeman who flew after him from China. On the plane, he realized what a mistake he had made. He still sits in China and it will not work out for him for at least next five years. We had to accept the Detective-001 plan, as one of our friends did, who was also arrested at the request of the Chinese authorities, but who was able to be free after only 1.5 years in Spanish prison and avoid extradition to China.

Lee Z.

I am a citizen of China, I bought real estate in Portugal for more than 500 000 euros and got a residence permit. Since I and my family, we lived in Europe and had no more contacts with China, we did not know that a criminal case was brought against me for economic crimes. Traveling to Germany, I was detained by the employees of German Interpol at the request of the Chinese government. Being in Germany, the country I did not speak a language,it was difficult to find a Chinese interpreter, it was impossible to resolve issues of any kind. My son found Detective-001 and we signed a contract.The company, through its Chinese translator in the shortest possible time, helped me improve the conditions of detention in prison - transferred money to a prison account,solved the issue with phone calls, received permits for meetings with relatives and friends, wrote out  a Chinese newspaper  for me and so on. Leaning on their services was, of course, the best idea!

David R.

My former partner and I opened business in Europe together in the 90s and expanded it over the years. Unfortunately, over the years, our views on how to do business diverged and we had to divide it and move on in different directions. But it did not work out very long. We from friends and partners became enemies and were ready for legal proceedings or even worse, to harm each crossing over decency and reasonable borders. However, we managed to get a deal with Detective-001 and try their mediation process. The conciliators and employees of the company, highly trained experts have given the necessary time to study our situations, points of contact and disagreements. They met several times with each of us. After that we held two meetings together and, thanks to the company's professionalism, we agreed and adopted an adequate agreement, which allowed us not to stay enemies and save an incredible amount of time and money, as we reached a settlement in a very short time and were really happy with the result!

Alexandre O.

I was arrested in Russia through the Interpol on the request of Colombian government, spend few months in jail in Moscow (Medvedevo). Contacted the organisation and got the best possible support and service, attention to littlest details in building my defence , support while incarcerated (financial and legal). We were fighting through the European court of human rights and the Colombian request of extradition was denied, I was liberated after serving few months in jail. Very happy that I called them , extremely content with the outcome!

Maria L.

My husband and I bought a cottage by the sea in France. A couple of years later, I noticed that he had started to fly to the cote d`Azur for various reasons and spend longer periods of time there than usual. I suspected that he was deceiving me and hired Detective-001 to investigate. Unfortunately, I was right and found out that he has a mistress and he flies with her abroad. It broke my heart, but at least I was no longer a victim of lies. I took the initiative and filed for divorce, but beforehand the detractors of Detective-001 very professionally convinced my husband not to drag on a long show with divorce and property division, but to accept our offer.

Maxim P.

My ex-wife and I, we immigrated from Russia to Europe in 1996. By 2009, we had opened several successful businesses. Unfortunately, in 2014 we decided to divorce. And here began conflicts, disputes, courts. We each spent quite large sums of money on divorce proceedings and after a year no result was achieved. It was very difficult for us to agree on how to divide the business between us on an equal footing, how to split the savings, with whom the children will remain, and so on. We were very emotional trying to make things right and it was unbearably difficult. As a result, Detective-001 was recommended to us. I met with company representatives and we entered into an agreement and engaged the company in order to try to negotiate a divorce instead of doing everything through the court. Their experience and patience were infinite. They helped us find a compromise and a solution that we both agreed to and in far less time that it would have taken if went through the court till the end. They perfectly and professionally studied our situation, mentality and differences to come up with the plan that worked for both of us in the best ways. It helped us save a lot of money and avoid the loss of time. I am very grateful to this team, which helped us to go through this very unpleasant life experience with minimal stress for these circumstances. Thank you!